A box of "Braun - Bloem Dusseldorf" 12mm pinfire shorts

The maker’s name and the city are embossed into the lid of this tin box. As with the other two boxes of pinfire, any information regarding age, value, and misc. hostorical info would be appriciated.

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Nice. That would be the company of ‘Braun & Bloem’ in Düsseldorf.

This publisher sells a reprint of one of their sales brochures:

cornellpubs.com/old-guns/ite … tem_id=115

Hey, 45, could we see box’s top, the label?

Sorry for the delay in responding sksvlad.

The outside of the box has no labels nor other markings. If it ever did have a label it’s gone w/o a trace.

I have this in 7mm. This is how my box looks.

Does your box also have Braun & Bloem Dusseldorf stamped into the metal on the inside of the lid like Greg’s box does? I had not seen this before on a tin of pinfire cartridges.

Yes, my box looks practically identical to 45Auto’s. The same “Braun & Bloem Dusseldorf” round stamp.

What vintage are these tin boxes of B & B pinfire?