A box of WWII Italian Caricatori, the whole box!

That is the 1st time I see a box like this.

Nice, but the real (Collectors) item includes the Cartridges!!!
and they are NOT “Piastrinas” (sic) but “Caricatori” ( it says so on the box), and the box also says they should have the cartridges in them.

Wonder who was the Bubba who stripped out the cartridges ( Capua 39?).

Doc AV

Just being pedantic. Piastrina relates to stripper clips ( as in Mauser etc) and also to “dog tags”; whilst Caricatori relates to “Charger packet” clips ( Literally a “Loader”.)

There was a similar box posted before by JFL but it had 6 chargers. Was it up to manufacturer to define how many to put in a box?