A bunch of TM's

Some TM’s from Canadian Forces, Swiss Army, Austrian Army and East German Volksarmee.

Canadian Forces, b-gl-306-006fp-001,(1992) Field Artillery; Ballistics and Ammunition(3,2 MB)
Canadian Forces, b-gl-314-008pt-001,(1996) Weapons; Rocket, High Explosive, 66 MM, NM 72 E5(504 KB)
Canadian Forces, b-gl-317-005pt-001,(1976) Weapons; Grenades and Pyrotechnics(3,2 MB)
Canadian Forces, b-gl-371-008fp-001,(2001) Gun Drill, 105 mm Howitzer, C3 (2,1 MB)
Canadian Forces, b-gl-371-015fp-001,(1998) Gun Drill, 105 mm Howitzer, LG1, MK II(2,1 MB)
Canadian Forces, b-gl-372-004fp-001,(2000) Sky Guard Drill Book(1,1 MB)
Canadian Forces, b-gl-385-014pt-001,(2002) TOW Long Range Anti-Armour Weapon(7,7 MB)
Canadian Forces, b-gl-385-015pt-001,(2001) Instruments for Calculating Mortar Firing Data (4,7 MB)
Canadian Forces, b-gl-385-016pt-001,(2000) 60 mm Mortar M19 CDN(3,3 MB)
Canadian Forces, b-gl-385-017pt-001,(2003) 81 mm Mortar(5,9 MB)
Canadian Forces, b-gl-393-009fp-001,(2004) Leopard C2 Application of Fire(535 KB)
Canadian Forces, b-gl-393-010fp-001,(2001) Coyote/LAV III Application of Fire(239 KB)
Deutsche Volksarmee, A 050/1/721,(1985) 5,45-mm-Machinenpistole AK74 und leichtes Machinengewehr RPK74 Beschreibung und Nutzung(7,3 MB)
Austrian Army, 7610-10056-0296,(1996) Das Sturmgewehr 77 (StG 77)(2,0 MB)
Swiss Army, T 1 d, 1944, Der Karabiner (K. 11 und K. 31), (9,6 MB)
Swiss Army, T 4 d,1944, Die Pistole (P 06/29), (3 MB)
Swiss Army, T 23 d, 1944, Die Machinenpistolen 43 und 43/44, (3,1 MB)
Swiss Army, 1005-670-4500,1989,Ersatzteilkatalog 5,6 mm Sturmgewehr 1990, (1 MB)
Swiss Army, 7610-670-6200-2,1989, Ersatzteilkatalog Sturmgewehr 57 , (1,1 MB)
Swiss Army, 7610-670-6200-4,1989, Ersatzteilkatalog 9mm Pistole M1949, (246 KB)
Swiss Army, 21.540, 1882, Anleitung zur Kenntnis und Behandlung des Revolvers 1882, (5,6 MB)
[URL=http://www.nvbmb.nl/downloads/27-219-d.pdf] Swiss Army, 27.219 d,2001,Ausbildungsgrunlagen f

[quote=“224BOZ”]Some TM’s from Canadian Forces, Swiss Army, Austrian Army and East German Volksarmee.


Wonderful stuff, thanks for doing the work and posting all of these documents.