A cartridge collector in Tulsa


Hello everybody! At the end of January I’ll spend some day in Tulsa for job reasons. Any interesting suggestion about where a cartridge collector could spend some free time (museums, shops, etc.)?
Thnaks and best regards


If you can stay in Tulsa until April 10, you may go to the largest gun show in the world.
King Of The Gun Shows

The Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show, the largest Gun Show in the country. With approximatey 4,000 tables covering 11 acres, this massive show offers something for every firearm appetite- from the collector feedin-frenzy to amateur gun-grazing - all under one enormous roof. National and international exhibitors attract thousands of patrons from across the country and around the world by offering everything from antique matchlocks and original pepperboxes to modern semi-autos and custom .45s.


Thanks SKSVLAD but my styinh will be limited to 4 days from 26 to 30 January (maybe I’ll be able to come back in April but at the moment I don’t know yet). I was just looking for some militaria shop or similar where I could search for some interesting thing