A cartridge from Austria

Dear Sirs,

A friend who is a serious cartridge collector showed me the last Sunday a cartridge from Austria.

He told me that it’s a new cartridge under development fro the austrian Army and that he saw the testers while firing three round bursts with these cartridges and a rifle he was not able to see clearly.

I took a photo of the cartridge and a tech drawing…unfortunately now I have some PC problem so I will post them in the next future but I can tell you the direct measurements and observations I took:

-6.5 x55 rimless rebated;
-the bullet is a 264" OTM bullet;
-the cartridge case seems to be a 460 Weatherby Mag. case shortened to 54.90mm with a rebated rim whose diameter is about the same as the rim diameter of a 300 Win. mag. case;
-there are no manufacturing marks on the case head;
-there seems to be some tool mark(…very very light…) due to a lathe work where there was the belt in the original case.

it seems to be quite difficult that this new cartridge could be a new AR cartridge imho because the reduced magazine capacity, the heavier recoil and because the cartridge is quite overbore so the barrel life is very reduced.

Is there anyone who know more?

All th e best

P.S.: I will post the photo and the drawing the next week…my best wishes of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.