A Chinese 7.92mm Mauser manufactured in 1944

Here is a 7.92×57mm Mauser manufactured in Guangxi Arsenal (originally was located in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, then moved to Chongqing in 1940 due to Japanese invasion). The jacket of its projectile is cupronickel plated steel.

The headstamp of it is ”卅三 十一” and a symbol with an X in a circle. “卅三 十一” means “thirty-three eleven”, indicating that it was manufactured in November, the 33rd year of the Republic of China (1944). The symbol exactly represents Guangxi Arsenal.

What’s more, the machines Guangxi Arsenal used were imported from the famous German arsenal, Polte. Maybe that could explain why it used an sS type projectile while the most of other Chinese 7.92 Mauser at that time used S type projectiles.


Although the Hanyang Rifles used M88 ammo, and the CKS Mausers, imported CZ and FN and WfM (SM) used S ammo ( 154gn), the use of LMGs and MGs was improved by the using of sS ( 198gn) loading.
Also, the Kar98k adopted in 1936-37, were already calibrated for sS cartridges.
The use of sS 7,9 increased during the civil War ( 46-49) with the RoC receiving tens of thousands of Kar98k via US Materiel Command in Europe.
Doc AV

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A very interesting cartridge!
Are there any other Chinese 7.92x57 with CM?
If so is the red color denoting the “sS” load?
Are there other colors known?

I have in my collection a 7.92x57 Mauser cartridge that I have noted in my records is from a contract for China. So far I can’t find much information about this. Can anyone confirm that this is indeed a cartridge from an export contract for China and by whom it is made.
Thank you in advance for the information.1-P1100804

Rainer, this is US production for China.

EOD thanks for your quick response. Makes my administration again bit more complete.

Yes, it was manufactured by WCC to export to China, and the years of its production range from 1942 to 1944.

The Characters 9.00 " 79" : Cal 7,9mm Rifle
3.00 Mei Guo (Beautiful Country=
America, from 1850s-60s Gold Rush in California.)

Doc AV

Western Cartridge Company box:

Translation by “Sheng”

Chinese characters on front label translate to:
America Made
7 9 Machine Gun Spitzer Ball
20 Rounds

Doc AV, thanks for your expert explanation!
But as regards the “beautiful country” part, I think it’s more like transliteration instead of literal translation. Chinese translations of countries’ names tend to use commendatory words which have similar pronunciations to their names.
For example:
England=英国 (ying guo), the meaning of it is “handsome/heroic country”
France=法国 (fa guo), “county with laws”
Germany=德国 (de guo), “moral country”, and that is transliterated from “Deutschland”

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There are also boxes for rifles existing(right).
The difference on its label is not only “机槍(machine gun)” is replaced by “步槍(rifle)”, but also “(無條夾)” is added to the top left corner, which means “without stripper clips”. Picture is from internet.

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Hi EOD, as far as I can tell, there are green color and red color, most of the time without any colors on Chinese cartridges, but on Guangxi Arsenal products I have only seen red. To be honest, I don’t think the colors denoting anything on Chinese cartridges.(colors on the primer do)


The picture and info is from a previous post here on the IAA Forum. If you use the search function here on the forum you will find several interesting previous discussions concerning these cartridges produced by Western for China.


modenX, thank you for sharing your observations!

Brian, thanks for informing me!

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The picture and boxes and cartridges once belonged to Phil Butler, who, sadly passed away several years ago.

I am sorry to hear about that…

There are also cartridges with 7 9 and America but with no date



I have these boxes of Phil’s, so they are safe for now.

As in particular ModenX pointed out, the Chinese called this caliber 7.9 as in Germany.