A clock and a story


I went to visit a MAJOR old collector, his collection is definitely one of the 100 most important agglomerations of ammunition in the world. I saw things which are close to being mythical in the ammo collecting world. I also heard stories from 50’s and 60’s, way before my time, which made me wish I lived then. I decided not to take pictures of the collection. Such photos may lead to a massive depression around the world. Instead I took a picture of a clock (which some will envy too).




Actually, I have a question. There were several rounds in the collection covered with white powder, I grabbed one and the owner said it was Cadmium. I, remembering Cadmium being toxic (internally I think) promptly washed my hands. I assume it is Cd oxide. Why were those rounds Cd plated?


Vlad, I have never seen anything like this before! Beautiful clock! Thank you for sharing!



Vlad, I think Cadmium plated Rounds were meant to not rust out the bore of a firearm.



Well, Sksvlad, if you eat several pounds of Cadmium oxyde every day, you certainly will get some health troubles!!!

But if you just manipulate a couple of cadmium coated cartridges (if any) from time to time, I actually do not think that you’ll get any problem, except for the need to wash your hands before going to eat, which will be quite sufficient, as ammunition, like brass or copper is not actuallly a very clean …(and not only ammunition!)

So, handle your rounds as you need or wish, and be happy for the next future…!

(this is a MD advice…!)



Dan Dietz, the owner of the painting reflected in the mirror asked me to mention that the painting is NOT a print but a real ORIGINAL oil.