A coincidence about a game of darts and Mauser cartridges

Well, I went to my friends house today. We walked to the little store by him, and they sell ammo. They were out of stock on everything but 8mm Mauser. We went back to his house, and he said we should play darts. We did. It was a 1000 point game. One of my scores was 857. I thought of the 8mm Mauser. My next score? 792. Again, Mauser. Guess what the next was. Yep, 757. So apparently for some reason life wants me to pay attention to Mauser rounds.

On a side note, sounds like you didn’t win at darts either! [FACE WITH STUCK-OUT TONGUE AND WINKING EYE]

That is quite ironic though.

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I often run across numbers in my line of work that are analogous to cartridges. 556,76254, 45mm, etc… Or will see them on signs or license plates or wherever and always think of cartridges… Is this normal? Haha!


license plates, really? license plates! you have it bad.

38 Special was Otto Witt’s & the Kynoch was Doug McGowan’s that he gave to Jim Tillinghast

Pete, that is awesome! Thanks for posting those photos!

On my '86 Ford F150, I have had, for years now, 5 (Albany County, and I keep the plate, even though I live in Carbon County) and 3040, so the plate reads 5(Bucking Bronco)3040


Here in Norway, licence plates are organized as two letters followed by five digits, i.e. AB12345.

I wouldn’t mind having RA76263 or HK76251… :)

We all like those license plates, but…! Ot Witt had his car broken into while parked at a friend’s house in Ciciro, Illinois (out to the Chicagoland Show) and a huge amount of ammunition stolen, including a whole collection belonging to someone else, that he took to the show to sell for the people. Not a happy moment.

Hate to be the pessimest, but I am one, and I don’t put anything on my car or house that advertizes my hobbies. When they broke into Witt’s care, they probably were looking for a gun, as some of the ammo was found in a nearby garbage can, although only a small percentage of it. It is like Gun Club stickers, catchy phrase pronouncing you are, in your car, armed, etc. Trouble waiting to happen.

Of course, admittedly, we don’t all live in sewers like California, where I live, or Illinois. There are still places in America where you don’t have to turn your home into a fortress to prevent home invasion, burglary, and worse.

I had the AMMO on my van for a couple of years & both my wife Gaye & Beth Woodin got on about it so I’m now back to CTGS, & Bill got the other AMMO plate for the lab.

When I had the CTG COLL in PA I would say it was Kitridge College if asked.

When I got my first PC several years ago, I was not savvy in the ways of cyberspace security and so my first password was 12345. Last year, when talking with one of my daughters, she told me that her first password was 12345. Eerie or what!



I had that for a password on something, years ago. I don’t recall now what it was! I tried so many passwords for eBay, and was refused on all of them because someone else had them, that I got truly ridiculous and finally got one approved. Would tell it, but I don’t especially want to advertise it.

Coming back from Bangor today, I saw a HSTP plate.