A couple new cartridges for Pauly guns!

Recently picked up a couple new cartridges for Pauly guns! These are a couple of the very first fully-self-contained cartridges.

The one on the right is a rosette that would attach to the bottom of a paper cartridge.

The one on the left is the one I had previously.

Also picked up a neat early publication from 1822 that has a lot of information about the Pauly system guns and a drawing by Henri Roux (Pauly’s employee and then successor.) You can see these pistol cartridges at the bottom left and the rosettes on the top right.


Also, here is more info on that book/drawing:

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Really nice pictures!! And cartridges of course!!😉

And this one you know ?


I am kidding
It was to tease you !

It is not a Pauly ctge


What is it? have a picture of base?

It was in a “a la Pauly gun” found
We still did not find the patent

It uses a primer