A couple of different 9mm HST 124gr P9HST1

Red sealant lot number: 6PL2A1164115 (6’s are questionably legible)
Blue sealant lot number: D017RP2-D016406

I’ve not seen colored sealants on 9mm HST before. Any idea why and who they were for?

None of our most recent HST stuff has any coloring around the primer annulus; I’ll try to take a look at some older stuff (last 2 years bid was awarded to Winchester products not Vista/ATK).

FWIW, I have 2 boxes next to me in my “ready” drawer, 124 and 147 grain. The 124 has blue seals and the 147 red seals. Are you 100% sure your examples aren’t different weights?

user reports total cartridge weights as:
blue: 187.5 187.7 188.3 187.7 187.1
red: 189.1 189.7 188.5 189.0 188.7

I checked in the armory (we issue only 147gr); found a case w/RPL2A0744073 lot #, red primer annulus.

Our stuff is straight from distributor stock, not a part of any special contract/run that I’m aware of.

Both have the visibly-hexagonal cavity profile (not as round as above). Differences also in h/s.


The 124 gr. 9mm HST I’ve purchased in the past (2016-2019) has a clear primer seal. If you look at the right angle in just the right light, it has a faint bluish tint to it. I think I read somewhere the “clear” sealant shows up under black light at the factory as part of their QC checks. Maybe the colored seals are more recent?

Likewise, I’ve never seen colored case mouth seals on HST.