A couple of odd Extreme Shock rarities

I have a pretty good spread of calibers & variations for Extreme Shock ammo, but 2 just arrived to me which seem virtually unknown, even on the internet at large.

The first is a .32NAA case which was not necked-down to .32 at the neck, and was instead loaded with a typical .380 bullet and packed simply as .380 auto. I knew that Extreme Shock dabbled with the .32NAA caliber around 2008, but only did so for one year before giving up on it, probably due to very light demand. I was impressed that they actually bothered to have a custom headstamp done in this caliber XTRM-SHOK 32 NAA and also found it interesting how the box was packed with a warning sticker explaining the headstamp / caliber exception for the buyer. I assume that after giving up on the 32NAA caliber, they were left with some .32NAA headstamped-cases and needed to do something with them, so they loaded them up with .380 bullets and sold them in the much more popular .380acp caliber. The index number on the box is (deep breath in): 380ACP55gr-n-32NAABrass

The second oddball is a .45GAP cartridge on Starline brass which has what Extreme Shock very briefly produced and referred to as the “Silver Savior” bullet. The Silver Savior was only produced around the very beginning of Extreme Shock’s existence and these came in the huge & awkward blister packs of 5rds each (which retailers hated) in a few pistol calibers. The bullet was billed as essentially being the Fang Face load, but without the toothed hollow point, and instead having the “Tungsten-Nytrillium” core extended out onto the tip with a sort of soft-point look to them. The index number on the package, and only discernible nomenclature label is 45GAP185SS

I bought both of these types from a company called Tactical Edge Products who had some leftover stock of these that they were selling at pretty hefty prices. I think I may have bought out their stock on .45GAP in Silver Savior, but they should still have some of their listed .45acp and .40S&W in that type which I did not buy: