A couple unusual 30-06 headstamps


Here are a couple 30-06 headstamps I recently picked up. Anyone else out there seen these two beofre?

The LC round is a brass cased M3 grenade blank. It may be meant to be an LC 40 headstamp. I didn’t think LC went on line until 41 or 42.

The “43” only headstamp is a thinly coated steel cased M1909 blank.

Any thoughts?



The Lake City 40 is actually 04 for 2004. This was a batch of blanks (not grenade blanks) used for funerals and general salutes etc.

The M1909 blank with the steel case and just “43” is a very nice item. Have a closer look and see if there is a faint “A” at what would be the 2 o’clock position. With or without the “A” it is still a very nice item and was one of a series of Frankford Arsenal steel-case experiments where the left over cases were turned into blanks. It was common practice to use surplus and [some] rejected cases for blanks.

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Thanks for the information. I really appreciate it!

I can’t see any traces of an F at 10 or an A at 2. I found references to those headstamps with the F or A, but could find no referecne to a variant with just the date.

I’m really suprised we made 30-06 so late. Guess you gotta have something for those M-14s at funerals with military honors.

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Dave, if .30-06, they would be for 03s or M1s. M14s would use 7.62 Nato.

Back about that time (early 00’s), one of my contacts at Picatinny told me that there was going to be a special run of .30-'06 blanks made up at LC for precisely that reason, military burial services. There was a rapidly rising number of funerals for WWII vets, and in many cases, M1 Garands or '03 Springfields were used to fire salutes. I assume the LC 04 was from this production.

When LC ceased production of .30 cal Ball in the late 1970s, early 1980s, they were still using up large quantities of M1909 Blank made and packed by LC in the 1960s from cases stretching back to the 1930s dates ( all factories and HS Dates, including “Match” cases).
In the late 1980s, early 1990s, the relevant Army department put out a procurement for “M1909 compatible” .30/06 blanks world wide, specifically for VFW Funeral use, and this was initially supplied by AMA of Denmark, which in 1990 was still making .30 Blanks (with Star crimp Mouth) for use in Garand M1s, BARs and M1919A4 Guns in Danish service, and for Foreign sales ( Australia bought about 50 mil. rounds of the Blanks then). The AMA blanks were repacked in the USA to meet US DOT requirements…why I don’t know, as AMA already packed the blanks in M19 Steel ammo cans, as per normal Milspec.

Then the late 1990s, early 2000s, CBC (Magtech) Brazil was also approached for a supply of Blanks, but as to how many were acquired, I can’t say. They too, were Star crimped Brass blanks.

Then Lake City came back with the 2004 contract, but used case draws from the 7,62 M82 Blank production line, but with different Body and Neck forming steps, …and the neck star crimp. ( The 7,62mm M82 had already abandoned the paper wad seal back in the mid 1990s, for a star crimp ( short size). BY 2000, all the .30 cal Plate-loading machinery had either been disposed of, scrapped, or was otherwise unusable.
Except for this special VFW Blank, no other .30 cal production has been undertaken at LC, nor is ever likely to be.

Doc AV
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[quote]The AMA blanks were repacked in the USA to meet US DOT requirements…why I don’t know, as AMA already packed the blanks in M19 Steel ammo cans, as per normal Milspec.[/quote]Doc, could you show a picture or an inlay card from those AMA packed .30 cal blanks? I have never seen a danish packed (or used for that matter) M19 can. M2’s are all over the place, but never seen me an M19 :-)

In my younger days, I remember the VFW guys that fired salute volleys at military funerals and on Armistice Day (back before there was a Veteran’s day) in my area used 1917 Enfields. I wonder what happened to all those VFW Enfield rifles? I haven’t been to any such events in many years. I remember that at Armistice day and Memorial day VFW firing events, there were always a bunch of kids around who scrambled for the empties as they were ejected, and I imagine the same thing happened everywhere in the country.

The rifles get turned back in and sold by CMP I believe.



Sorry about the Can ID marks…I meant the Cal .30 can (“M2”) which is sometimes labelled “H19” in the Commonwealth.(???still not sure)
MY Bad mistake.

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