A curious .45 ACP box by Kynoch


“.45” Colt Automatic Pistol Cartridges (U.S.A. Govt. Model)" made from swedish components.

The handwritten word (Reservada) means reserved, as in box reserved for somebody.




Swedish implies Norma?


Nothing very curious about this box. By the end of its life making commercial ammunition Kynoch was buying in a lot of components from Norma. This meant they were able to offer Boxer primed rounds for the growing number of UK shooters who were starting to reload at that time without having the expense of setting up new production equipment.

This tended to be in the popular calibres, .45 ACP, 9mmP and .38 Special etc.



It interesting because its Norma predominantly that were Kynoch’s arch rivals. In the 60s and 70s Kynoch lost its market in Britain to Norma for rifle calibres.

This has relevence to the recent thread on the incestuous nature of the ammo industry.