A custom made stuffer?

Dimensions? Jack

Looks a bit like a paradox load. But this is steel??
Have no idea what it is.

The projectile is very highly magnetic. I’ll post dimensions when (if) I leave work.

A stuffer?. ‘Projectile’ almost look like a weight for a balance scale?


Could it be a line throwing round?

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I think most line throwing ammo are blanks. So I am leaning towards “stuffer”. The other end of the “bullet” may hold a clue. How would I pull this projectile?

doesn’t appear to be crimped. perhaps a gentle tap with a wood or rawhide mallet on the tip might loosen it. and simply a gentle twist?? a drop or 2 of Kroil around the case mouth. let it sit for 24 hours.

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No, did not work. And I forgot to take original dimentions before driving this bullet deep inside. I am thinking getting help from my maintenance department and maybe destroying the cartridge in the process.

Create your own kinetic hammer.
That will work.

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An improvised kinetic bullet puller works, but you should make every effort to ensure that the item being pulled is a simple inert slug first, and does not potentially contain any sort of obvious or hidden (base) fuzing. It would be a shame to destroy a perfectly good projectile by kinetically arming the fuze, followed by impact of the projectile and functioning of said fuze on impact out of the case, followed by detonation of the round. Additionally, may of the older medium caliber rounds were not as strong near the case head, and to much pounding may cause case separation. Lots of soaking in oil prior if you decide to go that route.

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So here it is. The “projectile” is not a calibration weight for a balance, it would have a smooth bottom. My best guess that it is a “stuffer” with a custom made fantasy bullet.

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Yes, very bodged turning job…wrong tool, wrong angles, wrong speed, …real Bubba job.

Doc AV

Vlad, Put it in a box and save it. you can never know what story may show up on it!


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