A different .50 Blank

Hey guys. Got me one of those red plastic .50 BMG blanks. Can anyone tell me who made them and what there official designation is (if they have one).

Cheers Nick

Red Plastic, aluminium head and internal liner: BaekelittenFabrik Norway.
Made this Blank back in the late 1960s, early 70s; Used in Europe and Australia. The Aussie Use was M9inor, as we never did use much of Blank firing .50s…only recently (2000s) with New BFA systems for the M2HB ( special barrel) is the .50 Blank coming back into vogue here, and All brass case…
The Red Blank was mostly used on a normal M2HB fitted with a Recoil cap held by three rods to the Front of the Perforated Sleeve at the Receiver.
The More recent Barrel-only BFA model is a two piece barrel ( a la Browning floating Chamber method as used in .22 conversions for 45ACP barrels back in the 1920s)…THis method has been used for many years by Movie Gun hirers to convert M2HBs ( Aircraft .50s have a long Barrel shroud, so a normal barrel can be used, and the BFA fitted to the end of the shroud.)

BF Norway still makes all sorts of Plastic Blanks, and is now a subsidiary of NAMMO, the Skandinavian Ammunition Consortium. Saw their display at the October 2008 Defence Show in Brisbane, Australia.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.