A different Russian 9mm

Ok, this one is different from the other Russian 9mm I am asking about. This comes in a box of 20, made in a “state production association” “ulyanovsk machinery plant”. Anyway, these appear to have a gray bare steel case, copper jacket bullet, and brass primer. Headstamp is “97 (strange symbol) 9.19” Does this ring a bell with anyone? It is very interesting but not my area…


It looks much like a normal 9x19 from Ulyanovsk. But I’m not much into civilian stuff.

This is standard commercial ammunition made at Ulyanovsk. The trademark of two curved arrows pointing in opposite directions is simply their commercial mark. This ammunition came into the U.S. in quantity some years ago; there are color variations to the boxex, but otherwise, the printing and style of the box about the same.

John Moss

Should I be shooting this, or does it have any collector value?

I would think it is just shooting ammunition. While not around in stores anymore, I suspect it can still be found at gun shows. Regarding the .380 auto from Spain, I think that came in in smaller quantity. It might be good to hang on to it for awhile.

This is the old headstamp variation. Shortly after this 1997 date the Russians regulations changed to prohibit dates on commercial ammunition. This brand of ammo now only has the double arrow symbol and the caliber. I haven’t seen a box of dated 9x19 from this manufacturer in a number of years. Still not unusual. If it were mine I’d put away a couple of boxes and shoot the rest.

Cheers, Lew

Hi !!

the change of headstamping practice for Russian commercial and export ammo in 1997, deleting thed date of manufacture, is only due to the fact that the new headstamp must follow the C.I.P. regulations, i.e. maker’s logo, symbol or name at 12 h; and the metric calibre in extenso at 6 h.


Interesting about the change of headstamping practices caused by C.I.P. on Russian ammunition. I had not known about that. However, I should point out, that at least Low Voltage Equipment, of Novosibirsk, ignored it for several years at least. I have LVE commercial headstamps dated after the turn of the 21st Century, in several calibers, including .380 Auto, 9mm Para, and 9 x 18mm Makarov.

Thanks fellas, that helps a bunch. Now I know.