A different way of ammo storage

Just an idea. The good thing about lab tubes is that they are air tight and come in various sizes and shapes.

yeah you can buy some good ones at http://www.ammo-one.com/0-PlasticSleeves.html too. They seem like a good idea, and you can shove some cottonball in there too to soak any moisture and pad the cartridge in place from moving

I suppose the plastic caps are also likely to be made of inert materials, which should hopefully prevent the cartridges from corroding.

Another trick that could would work to keep the moisture off is to put some grains of rice in the tube with the cartridge behind the cotton wool.

Are these tubes cylinders, or are they tapered? If they are tapered they won’t sit very well in a drawer, I think.

The ammo-one.com tubes are round or square, with no taper. One end is clear and the stopper goes in the other end. You can cut it down to size to fit any cart. $12.95 for 40 with caps in 5/8 x 6 in. Living near the ocean makes my cart. turn color real fast, so these tubes help slow the oxidation process for me (air tight ). He also carries some rare single cart. for sale, which is close in value to some of the auction sites. He goes under- A CALL TO ARMS - on these sites, which is pretty funny since his name is David Call. Talked to him on the phone, real nice guy. Always asks to tell friends about him, can’t think of a better way than this. wolf

I use those tubes for pre-weighed black powder charges in my muzzle loader.

Another choice for a workable plastic tubing option, is the tubing and end caps offered by the folks at Brownells. They offer tube and end caps in 3/8" dia., 5/8" dia., 7/8" dia., and 1" dia. x 18" in length, that you can cut to any length you wish. I have used this for at least 20 yrs. and it has not discolored or cracked, though it is a lot more expensive than when I first starting buying it. Check out their web site.