A different way of hunting for headstamps

I, being a self confessed accumulator, as Bob Lamoreaux correctly described in a previous thread, and definitely noticing a significant uptick in ammo pricing, recently re-invented a lost art of rummaging for headstamps. It is simple and goes like this: you walk into a gun shop, locate commercial reloads and start going through them box by box, then you put all your finds into one box and purchase it. I was frankly surprised by the variety of headstamps: Venezuelan, Chinese, Hungarian, Thai in addition to a usual European-US mix.

My bold.

If only I lived in a country that allowed people to do that :(

It is a rare shop owner or gun dealer that will allow you to do that. You are lucky.


If only I lived in a country that allowed people to do that :([/quote]
If only we lived in a country that allowed us to do anything gun/ammunition related properly.

To disarm the population is a good base for a dictatorship, Europe is pretty well on that.

Very cleaver technique :-) Your gun shop sounds super cool to let you do that. It reminds me of when I was a kid collecting coins looking threw rolls of pennies hoping to find a sweet rarity. Of course the bank never gave me a bunch of tubes to search threw to then combine into 1 roll. Next time I go shooting reloads at the range, I am going to pay attention to the headstamps to see if their is a wide variety :-)

I like that quote EOD! Their is a small city in Florida ( I forgot the name) where the head of each household is required by law to own a firearm. Apparently, their are next to zero robberies in that town because everyone knows everyone has a gun? I heard this a while ago in the news when I was younger. Not sure if it is still a law :-)


I think you’re referring to Kennesaw, GA.

You may be right. It was a long time ago. It could have also been Clewiston Fl? I thought it was a great law :-)