A fantasy cartridge from SLICS 2010


This is a total fantasy created by someone who was testing the outer limits of rifle barrel patience and pressure tolerance. According to Keith, the rifle blew up after the 3rd round and all experimentation stopped. The body is of a .50 cal round.


.17 cal.?

And is this specimen in your collection?


Yes & yes.


A comparison next to a cal. .50 would be nice.




Any idea how much powder they loaded this puppy with? Am I still inside the rules of the fourm to ask this question?


This idea is a old chestnut that goes round from time to time. Basically, get the biggest case and neck it down to the smallest bullet.

Good fun and a good conversation piece but almost certainly a fake in the sense that it was ever intended to be a real cartridge. People do try things like that alright but no serious experimenter would even consider it.

The days of massive powder charge equating to massive velocity has long gone. To generate UHV you would need a much smaller case and a much smaller charge.

Cartridges like that look good in the front of gunshop windows or display cabinets. It gives the local rednecks something to talk about. (and sell well at shows by the look of it)


There were a couple versions of the 17-50bmg at the show. The one Vlad shows (the “improved” version) and a dummy with the standard 50BMG shoulder angle.

For those that have a copy of “Ammo Encyclopedia, 1st edition”, look at the cartridges on the last page. One of the table holders had dummy samples of both the “17 Incinerator” (17-50BMG standard shoulder) and the “22 Tuba” available (picture a 45acp case that’s all shoulder/neck with a 22cal bullet. IOW it looks like a funnel). He also had the "Tuba II, which is the same thing but necked to 17cal)

And yes, I have samples of all of them.

Vlad, It was good meeting and conversing with you, and many of the other regular forum posters.


The same here, I expanded my knowledge of UP Michigan 300%. Hope to do 500% next time.


I dummied up a similar round many years ago as a joke (which generated a lot of unexpected interest in the non-existent ‘product’).

Myself and another instructor used multiple plastic sabots to seat a .223 55gr JSP rifle bullet in a primed/no-powder .50BMG case. We ‘advertised’ the round as the “.22/.50 ToolMan”…MORE POWER a la Tim Allen, with velcocity windows listed in either Mach or Warp speeds.

I would never attempt to fire such a cartridge, mainly because I’m pretty sure the bullet would basically evaporate.


EOD, a la orden.


Vlad, thanks a lot!
A strange cal. .50 you have there.


Looks like one of the cigarette lighters.


Correct, it is a fired “M 43” lighter, I was too lazy to get a “real” round, I thought you wanted to see the shoulder for comparison.


It was about the case, so this one is doing it’s job.


Someone had the Incinerator and several Tuba’s at the gun show in Kaleva, Michigan today, 4/11. Was that anyone here?


He posts here sometimes (Cartguy), but he also just recently started a new job, so I don’t know how often he’ll be posting in the near future.
Where the heck is Kaleva? (I’m over on the sunrise side, near Tawas Bay)


Wendigo–Did Cartguy tell you he has actually made a working gun for the Tuba cartridges? So, they are no longer just a fantasy cartridge.


Sorry, I was too busy keeping my 12 year old nephew from fondling every cartridge and/or piece of cutlery in the show to talk to anyone. He wanted me to buy him a (rather nice) Malaysian(?) kris, as well as wanting to know the history of everything present.

He, too will be a collector some day :)