A Few 45 ACP Doubles To Trade

Hello, I’m putting together a 4f ACP Match & NM display. In going through my rounds I have the Following doubles to trade or sell. They are: FC 60 Match, FC 62 Match, FC 63 NM, and a FA 53 With 210 Grn bullet with red paint on its primer, Thats written about in Woodin’s III book page 24

Any 45 ACP doubles Available out there? Thanks In Advance

joe inco.

I will trade

  Hi Dave,  Glad you sent me this e-mail.  i an still an active contractor with an old flip phone.   A my e-mails go to my office computer and lately i can only get here in the AM & PM.  I'm not as computer savvy as I'd like to be.  I have tried your web site a couple of times and was not very successful.  I am in the Eastern time zone and i answer every cell call.  My number is 216 344 0919.  My office e-mail is inco1@msn.com.
  I've been collecting for a number of years. Mostly Military. I have much to sell & trade.  Thanks,  joe