A few 9mm H / S for Perusal

And with what is the one 1934 case washed ???. How scarce is that Maxim rd . Sorry for the bad pics.


The P * 1934 * is by Hirtenberger made at their plant in Dortrich (sp) in Holland-Probably for the Chico war between Paraguay and Bolivia.


The Maxim headstamp is actually a 9 mm Glisenti load, a contract
during 1917 and 1918 for Italy. The later part of the contract was
filled by U.S.Cartridge Company, using the “Maxim headstamp.”

At one time, not so many years ago, the MAXIM headstamp was quite
commonly found. I would not describe it as rare even now, although
you don’t see them so much anymore - perhaps “scarce” would be the
best term. They exist in several minor variations, including a 1917 date.

John Moss

To be a little more precise, the Dutch city name is Dordrecht.

Also, the war was the Chaco War, not the Chico war.
A typo, I am sure. Something that most of us do from
time to time.

Thanks every one for the great info. Just one more question. Is there any value in this 9 mm cartridges / collectable.??? Were I got this cartridges they have loose bags & bags & bags more of them & wondering if it is worth getting them. I don’t know anything about them 9 mm’s .

The 9 x 19 mm Parabellum is, arguably, the most collected
pistol cartridge there is. A good collection of headstamps, case
and bullet types (materials, etc.), loadings and the like can run
easily over 6,000 specimens. There are major collections of this
caliber, where even dates and lot numbers are collected, that run
well over 10,000 specimens.

Aside from sheer numbers, while not the choice of many of us for a
military, police, or self-defense cartridge, it is one of the oldest self-loading
pistol cartridges, and still today, about 116 years later, more popular than ever.
It has all the attributes that peak collector’s interest - many and varied headstamps,
colorful assortments of special loadings, many different lacquer markings for various
reasons (identification of loadings, water and oil-proof sealers, etc.).

There are those that collect nothing but this caliber.