A few headstamps

Here are a few headstamps I would like identified:


FNB 13-52
SSA - 5.56 -

45 Auto:
W-W 45 AUTO M 1911


The 86 13 is South African, the FNB is a contract load by Fabrique National - Belgium, and I would say the .45 is a Winchester 1911 commemorative headstamp. I’m sure I got some points there, but left lots of money on the table for others.

“86 13” is South African, made in 1986 with the 13 being the short form of R1M3, denoting the round as Republic of South Africa Type 1 Mark 3, as I recall.

FNB is Fabrigue Nationale Belgique, although much of their SAA is made by other companies in other countries.

The W-W 45 AUTO M 1911 is the headstamp for the WWII Commemorative ammunition Winchester sold with a GI-style cardboard box inside a wooden, slide-top box. Why they reverted to W-W I have no idea. It is not the current usage and it was not the usage during WWII, when the military hadstamps for Winchester and Western were WRA and WCC respectively.

Why they didn’t either use WRA or the current WIN is beyond me. Doesn’t make any sense, but then much of what factories do for seeing product doesn’t make much sense.

John M.

Thanks for your help.
Is the SSA Silver State Armory?


Fred - here is a scan of the inner cardboard box and outer wooden box tops for the Winchester Commemorative .45 rounds.

Regarding the 5.56 SSA, could be, but I simply don’t know. I am not into the 5.56, .223 cartridge at all, except for what I shoot in my HB Sako.

John Moss

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SSA is Silver State Armory, Pahrump, NV, USA. Now owned by Nosler.