A few metallic pinfire shotshells

What are the headstamps?


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Nice group.

Here are a few you didn’t show.

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@polman , @jeanpierre , @Fede , anyone know if there is something special such as a specific parent or something for that zinc/tin Chaudun one?

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Sorry no help from my side, would be interesting to know.

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here is a closer view:

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Until what date they used the location at No. 4?
Later they are located at No. 7

to from the hstp it is from 1842 to 1856
and this particular ctge appeared in a 1850 catalogue
when they started to be manufactured

What dates was he at rue du Faubourg-Montmartre, 17? And do any cartridges show that address?

17 rue Faubourg Monmartre
In 1841 till June 1842


Looks like it was at least 1839. I was wondering if it was earlier:

Journal des débats politiques et littéraires, 27 juin 1839

Le Siècle, 19 jullet 1839

Le Siècle, 8 février 1840

Le Charivari, 23 août 1841

New address:

Le Charivari, 26 juin 1842

Here are the rest of my Jules Joseph Chaudun shotshells too:

1st Image, far right, what is stampen on the casing that looks like ‘DAMP…’?

DAMP-PROOF. see here.

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Another Chaudun hs on a 4" OAL red paper case.
Chaydun 10 B 4" red paper

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here are some clarification

the Robert ctge has a prominent tube around the edge of the base
the base is made of paper or wood
therefore no hstp
it is from 1831

the chaudun ctge has a prominent tube in the center of the base
the base is made of paper or wood
you can find ony chaudun written on it
it is from 1841

the chaudun pinfire ctge has a bombed base
it is from 1847
you can find hstp on it

therfore you cannot find hstps in 1839
Robert never made any ctge
Chaudun made them



Yes I know Chaudun made them. These are Chaudun ads.

I was just curious when Chaudun was at that address.

Aaron, much appreciated!