A few more questions on some cartridges (ID)

I apologize if this gets old, but I have some more cartridges that have been giving me some trouble with identification. I am having trouble pinning some of them down.

Is this just a different way to put W.C.F. on the headstamp or is it something different than a .44 W.C.F.?

Is this also known as a .450 Adams/.450 Revolver or am I thinking of something else?

I have no idea on this one so far.

I also don’t know about this one either, I am thinking either a Mauser or Carcano but don’t know specifics on it?

Here is a picture of all four of the cartridges together for some kind of comparison.

Thanks for any help and hopefully you all are not getting tired of my questions about cartridge ID. I am still learning so much as I am starting out collecting it seems overwhelming.

For “trademark” reasons, Remington used
"CF W "(inchester) arrangement on their version of the .44/40 WCF;

Kynoch .450": Can be used in Adams .450 revolver or later Webley .450s.The original Adams .450 was a “Boxer Patent” case (iron base rim, riveted Primer Pocket, and brass sleeve body; the .450 Webley or Generic .450 was a full drawn balloon head (later solid head) case. Same general dimensions.

7,65 French Longue Auto-Pistol and SMG cartridge…steel case, 1st Quadrimester, 1950, Valence Ammunition Plant, France. Can’t tell you the “metal supplier” code.

7,35x51 Italian M38 cartridge (Carcano M38 rifles); bullet replaced by soft Point ( US importer, probably Interarms, late 1950s); case made by Societa’ Metallurgica Italiana, of Campo Tizzoro (near Florence) Italy, in 1939. Very short Production period, 1938-1940 ( total of about two years.) Dates seen, 38,39 and 40.

Doc AV

The metal supplier (FY) for the 7,65 French Longue Auto-Pistol and SMG cartridge is “Compagnie des ateliers et Forges de la Loire”