A few more unknowns

The 3 rounds in the first picture,I think,are military.
The one on the left is marked:DWM 1913 Dia…285;case length 2.229
The center one is marked:FMMAR 1946 SF dia. .283 case length 2.230
The on on the right iss marked: TZ 81 dia…307 Case length 2.016
The second picture is 30’06 cartridges.
Two are marked BROWNING 30’06 SPRG (I never heard of Browning Cartridges)
The other is an old Winchester Super X.
I wonder if these have any collector value?
The third picture is also 30’06.They are military.
on the left: marked FA 10-09
on the right: T W 5 1or S I
Again,do they have any collector value?

Second picture: 7 x 57 Mauser,7 x 57 Mauser ( are you sure it has a .283" bullet?)and 7,62 x 51 Nato.

The first one is German and probably made for exportation ( Spain or a south american country)

Browning had a whole series of metallic cartridges and shot shells with the Browning headstamp, I am not sure if they made them or had another company make them and headstamp with Browning? Vic


I think you have your photos mixed up.

Anyway, in photo #3, the left is an empty case from a M1906 Guard cartridge, Frankford Arsenal October 1909, Right is a standard issue Cal 30 M2 from Twin Cities Ordnance Plant, 1951. (It appears to have a round nose bullet which means it is probably a re-load)

Sorry, not much value.


Thanks,all,for your help.
Yes,the information for picture #1,belongs to picture #2.The 3 cartridges are all different.The center case has a shorter neck then the left hand case.The diameter of the bullet in the left hand cartridge is more like .282;not .285.

Are you shure that the cartridge on the center of the second picture is .285", it looks like a 7,65x54mm Arg.

Thanks,a bunch.
The dia is .310,and the cartridge fits nicely into my 1891Mauser.
It looks just like my other 7.65 Mauser ammo.