A Few Pages From the S&B 2020 Calendar

Calendar pages are available here: https://www.sellier-bellot.cz/en/news/detail/107/

Stylized photos showing:

Headstamp bunter-

Shotshell parts-

Before and after cutting extractor groove-

Steps in soft point jacketed bullet production-


Thank you for sharing. Without, I would never had looked at the calendar, because these things mostly show aesthetic motives without anything really interesting. But the bunter and the “Scharfrand” type hunting bullets are really good. Not to mention both being 8x57 JS.
Thank you, S & B, for these calendar pictures. (I wonder if the gauge covering the ogive radius of the bullet has been placed intentionally.)


Any idea if S&B will publish a printed version of the calendar?

It’s the kind of stuff that I collect.


Welcome to the Forum!

I do not know if S&B has a published a printed version of the 2020 calendar. I suggest you try contacting S&B customer service. Here is the link to the S&B contact webpage for the U.S.:

If you live in another country, search the web for the S&B webpage that applies to your country to find the correct S&B customer service contact.

Good luck!


Hi Brian

Thank you for the help

I will try to check with my S&B importer (I’m writing from Portugal). But due to the COVID 19 situation here I guess that they’re probably closed at the moment.

Antonio Costa