A few US Made paper Shotshells

Can anyone tell me any more info about these shells. I am mainly interested in how old they are. I doubt they are worth more than a few dollars each at most in the USA. However, we don’t see too many older US made shells here in the UK.

The first one (green 12 gauge) is marked KLEANBORE BRITISH LOADED

All photos show the shells in the same order as they are laid out in the top photo.

Thanks for any info.

Hi Falcon
The British loaded Remington is quite uncommon here, but has a limited market. Remington had a plant in Brimsdown where they imported their manufactured hulls & then loaded them. Not sure if the shells were marked Made in USA on the case wall before importing or at Brimsdown. Also a good clue if loaded at Brimsdown is the MADE IN USA on the headstamp & also the over shot card style / information. Also not sure about the time of operation at Brimsdown, you might ask Martin G. or Jim B. Your right about the others value, but I’d say more in the .50¢ range here in the US.

The shells with the sticker over the mouth crimp would be from the early to mid 1950’s - 1960’s, as the mid to late-60’s is about when plastic began to appear.
The roll crimps probably post WW II or perhaps pre-WW Ii, and the 2" is most likely pre-WW II marketed for British made guns, although a few US makers did offer a 2" chamber if I’m not mistaken.

hope this is of help

Thanks for the reply Pete.

The Winchester and Western .410 shells also say “MADE IN USA” on the headstamps. Did they all have this, or was this only done on shells for the export market?

The Winchester & the Western typically / commonly have the Made in USA in the headstamp. As far as I’m aware only Remington imported hulls & then loaded them noting the USA manufacture.

Those two look to me to be typical USA marketed / manufactured shells, which somehow found their way across the pond.

They probably did sell them here commercially. You can still buy some US made shells here today (at vast price mark-ups).