A. Frohn

I collect sporting rifles chambered for the 8.15x46R(Frohnpatrone)and I’m seeking information about Frohn, the man who standardized the cartridge. Does anyone have any information or links to information about him?

Here is what I have on Frohn:

Adolph Frohn was a gunmaker of Suhl who founded a Gun factory in 1865 which existed at least until 1910 and probably untill WW1. Frohn produced hunting, target and match rifles as well as pistols and rifle sights.

He designed his own rifle action used in Target rifles and known as the “System Frohn-Stabil” which was still used in rifles shown in a c1925 Steigleder catalog (DRGM 588141) . A “System Frohn” action is also known on Target pistols with a DRGM 429442 which should be post WW1 poss as late as 1923. Also a Rekord-Scheibenpistole (DRGM 541635).

It was always believed that Frohn was the ‘designer’ of the so-called “Frohn-Patrone” (Frohn-cartridge) also named as “Deutsche Schuetzenpatrone”; 8.15 x 46.5R (GSP6). Certainly the name Frohn has been associated with this cartidge.

++++++++++++++++++++According to Heinz Held:
"The Deutschen Sch

Many thanks for the information. Now, of course, I’m wondering who Heinz Held is and, also, I’m wondering if I can obtain copies of “The Deutschen Shutzen-und Wehr” from 1894.

BTW, can you post an image of one of the hs marked with the Frohn data?

Also, if Frohn didn’t really design the cartridge, does anyone have any idea who did? Sometimes developments like that are done by an in-house employee and the owner is given credit.

Again, many thanks.