A Grenade question for Fede

Not really a cartridge question but I am trying get more information on a grenade in the collection. It appears to have an Argentine connection and thought Fede might know something about it.

It seems to be a copy of the Egyptian Hosam anti-tank grenade with some minor changes. The markings are hand painted so I don’t think it is a production item but a test or trials piece. Or perhaps a sales sample made in an attempt to make sales to the Argentine Army. The FMK 7 suggests an Argentine grenade model and the FLB 79 might indicate Fray Luis Beltran 1979, a town with a military weapons factory.

In the first image, the dark blue grenade on the left is a standard Egyptian Hosam. Any help is welcomed. Thanks.


Not to nitpick, but you mentioned “FLV” in your question, and it is “FLB.” Just a typo, I would think. I was going to say it couldn’t be Beltran with the initials FLV and then scrolled down to your nice pictures and saw the error.

Interesting item!


Yes John, fat fingers. Thanks for the correction. Fixed it.

I have the same problem all the time!!! :-(


Hi Rick,

This is a very interesting item, thanks for sharing. I have never seen, read or heard of it before and I’m not sure what to think about it. The plastic body is identical to some Egyptian made examples having exaclty the same color pattern and mould marks.

Regarding the markings, they look very odd and in my opinion not applied by FLB, any clandestine organization that I’m aware and maybe not even by a native Spanish speaker. It seems that they copied the markings of another FLB grenade changing the model designation (FMK 7-0" would mean “FMK 7 Mod 0”, a model unknown to me). The word “GRANADA” is missing and where its says “OCELE” the original marking was “DOBLE” (Doble Propósito = Dual Purpose). I don’t recognize the flaming bomb symbol either.

In any case, a very intriguing item! Wish I knew more about it.



As Fede says the makeshift is like the Egyptian ones.
The red markings are also applied by hand. Very hard to tell what has happened here.

But nevertheless great images!
Does that one come apart maybe? Seeing more photos of the inner warhead section may be enlightening.

Thank you for your thoughts Fede. It is quite a mystery and I agree a number of things about it don’t make sense. It is as I acquired it and don’t recall it being hyped as scarce or special because of the markings.

When I posted the photos on one of the Facebook groups, another Argentine collector mentioned “At that time, Argentina had a good relationship with Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. Even during the Falklands War, Kadafi donated several thousand prb 413 mines.” If so, perhaps it was a sales sample dressed up with proposed Argentine military type markings, even if poorly executed.

The mystery might not have a simple solution but still very happy with it in the collection. And for EOD, here is another view. Thanks again to all.


Rick, thanks a lot!
Good images of unusual stuff are always great reference. Let alone the Hossam being one of the scarcest post 1945 grenades.

Rick clearly it is a junk copy. Bring it to SLICs and I’ll help you get rid of it.