A gun show story

I went to a local show and found a bag of .303 British with a great variety of headstamps at $1 a pop. I started selecting rounds based upon the headstamp using a magnifying glass, the seller asked if it was OK to put them into a sheet of aluminium foil which I OKed without paying attention to the foil. When I finished, he wrapped everything in foil, put it into a bag and off I go home. At home I unwrapped “the treasure” only to discover all the rounds smudged with some kind of white paste. After initial shock I discovered that the mysterious white substance was cream cheese. So now I have “toasted .303 with cream cheese”. The second wrapping he made for me is probably “Mosin-Nagant with lox”.
Anyone else had ammo with food?

Nope, never tried that. Sort of like mixing alcohol and gunpowder being a bad idea- it tastes terrible and does not work well.

Good thing it was not pickle juice, a little acid and by the time you got home the electrolysis could have ruined you cartridges. Al foil metal is just to darn active to be placed with copper.

And it is good idea! Now still there were people who prepare for Apocalypse. They have always not enough place for storage of stocks.