A. L. Semple & Co., Louisville KY Pinfire Shotshells +Others

[b]I recently came across a couple of these pinfire shotshells loaded by A.L. Semple & Co. of Louisville Ky.

Alex L. Semple was a dynamite manufacturer who sold powder and mining supplies. He was known to have been in business from at least 1900 until 1906 when he was thrown from his spirited grey mare in and as a result, died. His shop was at 2016 (now 1628) Third Street, Louisville, KY.[/b]

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They came in this box which I do not own. This empty box recently sold for $500.

Here are some other US loaded pinfire shotshells as well.

Von Lengerke & Detmold New York:

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UMC; This shell I Will own in a couple weeks:

The following two items are not owned by me (because I was stupid and missed the auctions!):

A. G. Genez:

Von Lengerke & Antoine:

I would like to see any other US loaded pinfire shotshells any of you may have.

Aaron, great cartridges and boxes, thanks for sharing.

A. L. Semple & Co. succeeded Griffith & Semple in 1896. The firm of A. G. Genez was established c. 1846 at Warren Street and then advertised as succeeded by Vincent Bissig on November 1880. This ad was published in 1871: