A large ammo display (VWM)

Apologies for not having individual close-up, so many interesting things in this museum, my brain went amok.

Very nice display!

I know these cartridges are out of my field of knowledge, but I was just curious about the cartridge case in the last photo, bottom right hand corner. It almost looks like trench art to a degree…

Was that cartridge intended to be a blank, or was that the actual chambering of the weapon in which it fired from?

I’d wager for a dummy round, maybe?
It looks like it has imploded or been forcefully shaped like that.


Is trench art ,done many times.

Majorbeau is right, for sure. It is trench art. The squeezing-in of the case toward the bottom like that is a common feature on trench art done on larger cases (not SAA cases) and I am sure it is intended to mimic the general shape of many flower vases.

Wonderful! Thank you all for the explanation!

Some very fine examples of trench art may be seen here: flickr.com/groups/2081323@N23/pool/

I now see how the flares are a very popular choice.

Thanks for the link bdgreen! They are some nice examples for sure!