A little help for a newbie, pls

catalogising my boxes and rounds brings me to an questione, specialist like you gentleman in this forum, can answer very fast, — i think.

i got within the last years less original sealed boxes and i have not opened them. so i am unable to ceck the headstamps against the boxlabel.
i know, from later boxes, that the case datestamp (lot and year) in the box and on the label correspond.

now i have an old blue box labeled “Gefertigt a… Juli 1918. Mf.” with cases “Hülsen S”.

in this box i found cases spandau - 2,3,5 and 6 - 1918.

— could the all be matching to this box, or will only the 6/1918 match the old blue box ??

regards from austria … wolfganggo.


This is a typical German Army box from WWI. Note that, unlike WWII era boxes, the label does not identify the month/lot of case manufacture. I have opened sealed WWI boxes (following John Moss’ lead) and it is pretty common to find cases with mixed dates of manufacture in the same box.

I suspect that all the rounds in your box or legit. The cartridges in your box were loaded in July (7) 1918. The cases were made in Feb, Mar, May & June 1918. If you had a headstamp later than July 1918, then it clearly would have been a later add, but I see nothing wrong with the rounds in your box.



For what it is worth, I agree completely with Lew’s analysis.

thank you for teaching me Lew, thank you JohnMoss
wolfganggo …