A MAJOR Thank You To All Who Serve & Served

I just wanted to thank all the IAA and Non-IAA Members who served or still serve our Country. You are all extremely appreciate and looked up to and “This Guy” is very thankful to you.


Thats the same from the UK. the 11/11 commemeration is much bigger today than it has been for many years. Thats how it should be. For many years the authorities have tried to play it down in the interests of so called European Unity but a dead boy is a dead boy irrespective of the side he was on. For all the fallen, of all sides it was a tragedy and a waste.

I have stood on this day in the past in cemetries in Europe and listened to the speeches. Very moving but it doesn’t make one jot of difference to the men under the crosses. when its over, we walk away and get on with our lives but they don’t.

There is nothing more humbling than meeting a WW II, KW, VN, Gulf War vet and having them thank me for my service. I met a WW II vet a month ago who showed me his scars from his landing at Anzio and he actually told me that I had it harder than he did. And I could tell from talking with him that he meant it.

All Vets are the Greatest Generation regardless of when or how they served.

Echo…ditto (or whatever they say) that I agree

just think…if it weren’t for the military presence, science, developments, needs, inventions, etc., etc. (+ patriotism & passion)…most of us would be collecting something very different !

God Bless those who served

Our High School Government class put together a 1 hour long program with interviews of the survivors of the destroyer Hoel which was sunk during the battle of Leyte gulf. One of the survivors was a local resident. The reaction to this presentation was amazing even with a large group of High School Students. They may have learned what it means to serve and sacrifice! Thank You service men and women every where!