A Message in a 37 x 93 mm R Hotchkiss Shell

After removing the left-hand threaded plug from the base of the above shell, I was suprised to see a note rolled up inside. It states the following:

Could the stamping be EOC?

The monogram on the case is in fact EOC, not BOC and stands for the Elswick Ordnance Company, which eventually became part of the Vickers empire (although I am not sure exactly when).

By coincidence I was in Cuba last week and was looking at a 208mm Krupp gun that is still in place and which fired on the USS Montgonery during the war in 1898. Here is the photo.


Thank you for the quick response, and the image. So, it is an English made round?

BTW, the Colon was lost without it’s 10 inch guns. It seems there was a contract dispute with Armstrong, another British Company.

This was an interesting thread, but nowhere in it, for idiots like me who know little about anything I can’t put in a pistol, does it identify the caliber of this shell. Is it a 37mm Winchester Hotchkiss type?

This kind of goes hand in hand my my entry on use of abbreviations. Not all of us are familiar with these big types (or any particular type, for that matter - there are those that know the big stuff and are weak on small arms ammo). It would be nice to have something like the old Journalist’s Rule of leading off with who, what, when, where and how, so to speak. Of course, if the question is about the caliber or case type of the ammo, that will not be included in the opening question of the thread - that is understood!

John & .45 Auto,

This round is for the 37mm Hotchkiss Revolver Cannon, and is British made. The headstamp is an EOC export headstamp, and the round was likely made on contract for Spain.


Jim - Thank you.

John Moss