A more basic JFK headstamp question


I have not been able to find a photo of the case headstamp on the (3) Carcano casings used as evidence by the Warren Commission. Text indicates they are of Western Cartridge manufacture and photos I have found show side and case mouth views, but no case head. Can anyone post a photo of the actual case heads or at least indicate the headstamp used on the “generic” packaged Western 6.5 rounds in question?



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I think it was:
WCC 6.5 m/m


These can all be seen in the complete set of the Warren Report at most public libraries of any size. Very interesting reading. If they don’t have it borrow the index from interlibrary loan and see which volume you need to ask for. The Italian govt. would not tell the US what “SMI” meant on the clip because it was a “state secret”. All of this is in words and photos in the WARREN REPORT - COMPLETE EDITION- not the 1 volume conclusion sold to the public.


Headstamp of 6.5 Carcano made by Western Cartridge Company…


[quote=“Jon C.”]I think it was:
WCC 6.5 m/m[/quote]

You think correctly!

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[quote=“Iconoclast”][quote=“Jon C.”]I think it was:
WCC 6.5 m/m[/quote]

You think correctly!

For once . . . . ;-)


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Thanks to all for the information and photo.



Woodin Lab provided this type of ammunition to the FBI special agents within hours of the event which was used for testing. Oswald used a partial clip of ammo according to the Warren Report. Italian clip - US surplus ammo.