A New Collecting Speciality-maybe

The following is a quote from Forbes.com (http://www.forbes.com/sites/ralphbenko/2013/03/11/1-6-billion-rounds-of-ammo-for-homeland-security-its-time-for-a-national-conversation/).

I understand that the FLETC has had special headstamps on some of their training ammunition.

I hope some of you have your contacts here so we will learn about these items. Sounds like a LOT of interesting items will be produced. I wonder how much of it will be on “off-shore” (i.e. non-US) contracts.

My guess is these are multiyear contracts that could have options that go for 10 years or more—still a bunch of ammo.


If they use 15 million rounds a year on training, 1.6 billion will still last over 100 years.

Having visited a new Homeland Security facility a couple of years back, and read something about their budget, I formed the impression that they have been given the licence to print money…

No, they haven’t been given a license to print money - but every Government Agency in the US has been given a license, it seems, to spend as much of it as they want as long as it goes to totally unproductive programs.