A new dimension to the Zombie saga

The news which most of you have probably seen involving men of the 82nd and inappropriate photos includes the information that the photos contain an unofficial patch worn by the men which says Zombie Hunter.

This puts a bit of a different slant on the whole concept of "zombie"and may go someway to explain the emergence of the zombie cult in popular awareness. It raises a few questions which its probably better not to air in public, so please don’t. Its not appropriate for this forum. All I am asking is this the origin of the name zombie ie soldiers vernacular?

In modern American English today, I’ve noticed the term “Zombie” has changed to mean any person who is a threat, not just the “living dead”. In the survivalist community, a zombie is someone who wants to take your food and supplies in a post-apocalyptic scenario. In soldier’s vernacular, I suspect is simply means “the enemy” or “the bad guy”.


I’m not aware of that term having crossed the Atlantic, most things do. It does help me to understand where this zombie thing is coming from though. Up to now I have found it puzzling but the picture is clearing.

I’ve only started to see it’s use outside of it’s original definition in the last 6 months to a year or so. Fairly new and seems to be timed with the increased interest/popularity of the Zombie themed movies and TV shows of the past few years. Probably something a sociologist/linguist would be able to better comment on.


Just to add some fun, in Italy has been recently born the “AICZ” ( Associazione Italiana Cacciatori di Zombie ) …
so the Italian Zombie Hunters Association

Maybe it is easier to declare those being shot as zombies rather than sons, brothers and fathers. Would be an old psy-ops method to declare the enmy as a non human.

Hornady has just released a special zombie-edition “Ammo plant” loading rig for charity auction to benefit the USA shooting team in the upcoming Olympics:


It’s one-of-a-kind, and will no doubt sell for far more than its typical value as a machine.

Dehumanizing one’s enemy is probably as old as warfare itself…


I doubt it. Much more likely, IMO, is that soldier use of the name came after it became popular among civilian shooters and the general public.

The latest “Sons of Guns” episode this week was mainly about developing the ultimate anti-Zombie rifle. Spoiler Alert - they were a custom M16 with a 37mm (not 40mm) grenade launcher and a custom Ruger .22 RF bullpup-stocked rifle. They used the .223 Hornady Zombie ammo in the M16.

The really interesting part of this was that they used a computer and printer to manufacture the custom plastic stock for the Ruger by printing it - but they didn’t show how it was done. That I would have liked to have seen.

Dennis: This is a link to a youtube video which shows the process of 3-D plastic "printing"
youtube.com/watch?v=yKHMmKqd … re=related