A new Horizontal Pinfire

I have no idea about this one.

The cartridge is a paper case with a glued seam. There is an iron washer at the bottom to close it all together. The iron base is riveted to a metal bar (probably iron) which is magnetic and appears to go into a 4mm percussion cap resting against the base of the bullet.

OAL: 38.6mm
Bullet + paper case diameter: 8.3mm
base: 8.6mm
weight: 8 grams

If I find another I’ll be sure to section it!

Aaron, a wonderful cartridge! Is this one coming from Manfred Beutter’s collection? I’ve been trying to find a patent matching this construction but haven’t found anything conclusive yet.

That’s really odd, haven’t seen anything like it. Almost like it’s a needle-fire cartridge with the needle as an internal part of the cartridge. That would simplify weapon design somewhat.


Yes it is. I was able to get it brought back by someone from the ECRA show.

If you find a patent I would love to see it as well.