A new shotshell carrying way

This are Polish riot police. Not being in law enforcement, I found it interesting to see “arm’n’leg” bandoleers.

Holy Bandoleer Batman! I’m a Polak and one tough dude, but those rioters must be really tough. Count the number of cops, times the number of rounds each is carrying, and tell me they’re not over-doing it. The guy on the right with his arm outstretched has the right idea. Peace, man.

It looks like there are also shell loops on the shotgun buttstocks. Shotguns appear to be Mossbergs. Or is there a similar Polish pump gun?

Lots of rubber buckshot, beanbags, and tear gas there probably. Different for arm & leg to organize I suppose. The usual method is to use a belt or vest fastened pouch with flap-top that holds 10 or 20 shells. This keeps them out of the rain, and out of sight so as not to panic crowds into doing anything rash.

This should be what they have for the protesters:

Surveys from NTOA and others show an average of 4 shots from 12ga ‘less-lethal’ to stop/subdue a person (direct fire, avg of 2 shots from 37/40mm DF).

If these folks are using indirect/skip-fire, then the accuracy and effect on target is even more reduced.

Given the fluidity of riot control, including the possibility of being cut off from main/supply units, I’d go in there looking rather similar if allowed. Looks like at least one ‘backpack’ dispenser in place, and the guy in the center is holding up a camera???

Polish Police used special ammo made by FAM-Pionki - link for this: