A nice Perthuiset bullets box



That’s really neat! Can I see a picture of a bullet out of the box?

Hello jeanpierre,
Really an unusual box.
The picture is teasing us for more.
Educate us, what were these bullets used for, what is the caliber\bullet diameter and do you have any information regarding the manufacturer.

they are explosive bullets (Perthuiset patent) made by Gevelot (like the ones on the picture) or after by Gevelot.
They exist for many calibers either for revolver (45 cf for example) or shotshells.
I am just coming back from Italy, I will give you more info when I have finished to sort all my items.

Two bullets designs exist, either with one cannelure or two cannelures

Thank you jeanpierre,
I look forward to hearing more when you have time.
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Here’s the .450 version of the Pertuiset horse-killer cartridge. I believe these were the rounds demonstrated on August 2 (or 3rd), 1870 in the knacker’s yard of Messrs. Winkley & Shaw in London. “Mr. Adams was present with one of his revolvers, and fired all the shots”.



See Aaron’s post from a couple of years ago with the full report from The Times:

The question I have is regarding the stamping of the name on the bullet- is this uncommon? The only other Pertuiset round I have is the 12mm Pinfire and that does not have the name on the side of the bullet.

Chris P.

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