A packaging question

Can any of you with catalog records date when W-W went from 25ct boxes for Buckshot loads to the current 5ct boxes?
Below is a Western box that I can date to 1965-1968, based on the box markings (opening date) and the death of the purchaser (closing date). It’s a box given to me about 30yrs ago.
I know Federal began offering the 5ct boxes for Buckshot and slugs as early as 1960, even before the child warning and plastic shells but apparently Olin did not start that early. 16 gauge may have been later than 12’s too.


There are 25 round Mark V boxes (and no mention of 5 round boxes) listed still in the 1972 Shooter’s Bible edition. Doesn’t mean there weren’t 5 round boxes being sold as that might be an abbreviated representation of their line.

Under “Western Plastic Shotshells” yours are listed as Load No. SX16PB and a box fetched $5.85 list price.

I always kinda thought the 25 round boxes co-existed with the 5 round boxes in general for quite a while with the 5 rounders getting a boost in popularity as the prices really climbed for slugs and buckshot. If I remember, I’ll dig out some other material that might help with a real answer…


I know Remington packaged 25 round boxes of 00B as late as the mid-90s at least for Police sales - I have one of those somewhere. I don’t know about 25 round boxes for non-police sales. I think marketing buck and slug loads in 5-round boxes wasn’t so common until the last ten years or so. I recently saw some 25 round boxes of S&B 00B loads which I think were of fairly recent manufacture, or else the boxes had not been handled much.

I can’t speak for Winchester, but Remington first listed Buckshot and Slug loads in 5-packs in the 2 Jan. 1973 Dealers List.

I have a 5-pack of 20 ga Federal slugs that I know is from the late 1970s.

gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt … =277583429

Here are some on Gun Broker that are from the late 40s or early 50s. I am using the ‘Olin’ reference on the box for the rough estimate.

gunauction.com/buy/9936395/c … hotshells/

These are from the new Auction Arms.

Both of these definitely pre-date the early 70s.

Shotmeister, the SX16PB load is listed in Winchester-Western’s Export Price List dated March 1, 1965 (red indicates plastic):

The earliest advertisement I have found showing this box style is dated December 1964.

Thanks to all for the inputs.
I am aware that slugs were packaged in 5ct boxes before the 1960’s, at least by Remington and Federal. I have a box of Remington slugs in my collection and David Frederickson’s work on Federal shotshells dates their packaging very well. Thanks to Ron for dating Remington’s 5ct buckshot packaging.
My question is specific to W-W Buckshot loads. I’m fairly certain there was a transition period from 25 to 5ct packaging because there were, and still are, bulk users of such ammo but for hunting purposes it was always a burden for me to buy a 25ct box of shells when I might only use 3 or 4 a season! Personally, I switched to Federal buckshot loads in the late 60’s, early 70’s because they were in 5ct boxes. My oldest Gun Digest is 1976 and it only list 25ct boxes but I am fairly certain W-W was offering 5ct boxes before then. I recall a white box with black and gold lettering and I date that to the 1970’s but that is just from memory (unreliable).
So if anyone can help me nail down the introduction of W-W 5ct Buckshot boxes, I’m still looking. Thanks.

Chief, I jumped ahead of myself with the slug boxes! In all my ramblings on the 'net, I have not seen a ‘vintage’ (a much abused word!) 5 round buckshot box. I will keep my eyes open. Cheers!

Winchester listed Buckshot in 25 and 5 rounds packets in the 1974 catalog. No distinction is made in the 1971 catalog and I don’t have 1972 and 1973 catalogs to check.

The SX12MB code marked “*” was only offered in Western brand and the “.” marked codes are Mark 5. Winchester-Western catalogs from this same era doesn’t include any packet descriptions.