A (possible military) .38 Spl box

This box contains shotshell loads with transparent plastic mouth end so one can see the BB’s. The headstamps are FC57, RA66, WRA, R-P, Western, Rem-UMC, Federal 38 Spl. Are these US Airforce military survival rounds?


Let’s see one of the shot capsules.

But, my guess is they are handloads using a mixture of military and commercial cases.


Come to think of it, you must be right. That’s what happens when one works the whole day, goes home and starts dreaming of ammo while falling asleep.

Ray is undoubtedly right. I can’t think of circumstances where the USAF would have a formal procurement of reloaded ammo.


I don’t remember ever seeing any military .38 Special shot loads. .45 ACP military shot loads from WWII are fairly common.