A possible visual forum

Guys, I must make a horrible confession - I am a voyeur. I love seeing things as opposed to reading about them, especially other peoples’ ammo containers, from individual boxes to crates. Since now we have a political forum, maybe, in view of recent advances in posting visuals, there is a way to create one with scans alone. Of course, we may talk about them too, since they’d be in many languages with old labels barely visible. I know this has been brought up before but maybe now there is better technical way. For example, look at this box, there is nothing special about it, but it is pleasing to my eye. So, what do you say?

WEBMASTER INITIAL REACTION (not the same as a considered response)
Posting pretty pictures can provide entertainment.
However, for any practical value, there would need to be a way to organize and title them so people could find something if it has been posted.

With photo posts, we run into problems with the remote server locations of the photos changing over time, so that the photos are no longer available. This causes problems and reduces the value of the photos if no longer available.

I think that there may be some inclined to abuse the opportunity so this would require monitoring- more work for someone, but what amount for what benefit to members? I don’t know.

I am a bit reluctant to add all sorts of new forum sections.

We added the “Meet the members” section and have a whopping 21 posts in seven months, with the most recent one nearly 2 months ago. I am not sure how much value this one adds to the site.

We added the Buy/Sell Trade section and have 81 posts in a year. I think this is useful as an IAA membership benefit, but not used as much as it could be.

I am not sure if we will continue the political section or not. That is/was an experiment driven by the U.S. election cycle

Just some thoughts. Not saying yes or no at this point. Your suggestion is appreciated.

I know not many have added their pictures to the MEET THE MEMBERS SECTION, but I really like it a lot. Many of you guys know each and have met each other at various shows ect, but to those of us that can’t me everyone face to face, like me, it adds a lot of value to the forum (to me). I wish more then 21 would post their pics but even so, I am stoked to see the 21 that did :-) Heck, I talk to some of you guys more then some family members, it is nice knowing what everyone looks like :-) For those of you who have not added your pic and short bio, please do.

PS: That is a cool lable SKSVLAD

Let me look at my foggy crystal ball…
There will probably be a wiki driven resource management system of some sort for the IAA by the end of 2009. This would incorporate a document management (aka scans). It’s been floated to the IAA managment. Once the concept is proven it will probably happen… I just have to find the time to make the system to test the concept. It took me a while to create the new forum. It’s a hobby, so we all know how time for hobbies can be limited. Well, actually there is more effort going into this exact concept besides just me. So things are looking up.
I am speaking really for myself and it’s all up to the IAA leadership, but heck, maybe the wiki section will be for the members. Wow, what a resource for IAA members…


I love to see a wonderful Dutch ammo box !!!
made by NWM


Excuse me for asking this - most of you know that I am pretty dense and probably the dim bulb on this Forum, but I am not seeing the difference between what this thread is about and what we have been doing all along - that is, how is having box and other pictures on a separate Forum different from having box pictures on this forum?


You can color me dense and a dim bulb too because I wondered the same thing as you.

I assumed it meant a Forum devoted to photos only but you’d need some sort of description otherwise they wouldn’t mean much. And then someone will ask a question about the photos and we are exactly where we are now.

Maybe it’s because we don’t fully understand what a “wiki driven resource management system” is? Maybe you understand but I certainly do not.


Whew. I was scared there for a while. Thought I was the only one that saw all this as the same thing. That wiki stuff tho, way outta my league. I was real proud of myself when I figured out how to post pics from photobucket.

I still haven’t figured it out. You notice every picture from the “John Moss Collection” is posted by by Ohio pardner (SASS spelling) Joseph Jones! Without him, I would never post a pic.

John, Ray et al,
Sorry for confusing everyone. What I mean is to have a forum subdivision of some kind where people are pretty much “forced” to display a visual. There are many posts which discuss something and I, being relatively new to all of this, never get to see what is being discussed. It’s like “meet a IAA member” thingy where you must put a picture. I know little about internet but I know of things like “Media Fire” mediafire.com/ which allow unlimited storage for FREE. Maybe one can somehow link a thing like media fire to the forum so we don’t have to pay for it. And again, like with ammo, I am talking about something with which I am not familiar, so maybe I am wrong.

P.S. Sorry, the main point of my blabbering was to have a place where one can just post a picture without asking a question. Like with that Dutch box in this thread, I know what it is and I have no question but I feel silly saying “Look I got a box”. Basically, I want to have a Playboy with ammo instead of girls.