A question about Cordite use in rifles and pistols

As it concerns Great Brittan and her Colonies, Was Cordite for small arms the same formulation and controlling the burn rate by strand length, shape and diameter? Or was the Cordite formula altered to control burn rate?

Cordite for small arms :
a)Cordite 57% nitroglycerine, 38% nitro cellulose
b)Cordite MD 30% nitroglycerine , 65% nitrocellulose replaced a because it was less erovisive
c) Cordite MDT as for b but hole in centre, Tubular
Burn rate determined by size of cord and for MDT size of hole
From “Textbook of Service Explosives 1938” HMSO

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Thank you orange for the info.

Furthermore, Cordite MDT could be “chopped” to produce Pistol Powder ( .455 and .380) as well as for use in Blanks and GL cartridges.
Doc AV.

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Any chance you might have that as a .pdf?

Badger ,Sorry paper HC only.

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