A question about Winchester 22LR ammunition

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I need your help…

Could you tell me the time span in which the Winchester factory manufactured 22LR ammunition with the H headstamp?

I know that there were 22LR with the H headstamp manufactured by Winchester with a copper coated bullet. Could you tell me more about these?(…all the informations are welcomed…)

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Andrea–Winchester first started loading the .22 LR in 1890 and used the “H” (For Benjamin Tyler Henry) right from the beginning. In fact, the “H” was used from about 1865 on other rimfires and continued until about 1990.

The copper plated bullet has what was called “Kopper Klad” coating. It was introduced in 1929.

Andrea–It is not clear from your post as to why you want this information. Are you trying to date a box or an individual cartridge? If it is a box, post a picture and we can date it pretty accurately. If it is just a cartridge, is it copper or brass cased? Does the case have a cannelure on it?

Dear Ron,

please, excuse me for the lack of information.

I would like to explain shortly my problem.

About forty years ago there was a double homicide in my country. A man and a woman was shot dead at point blank by another man armed with a .22LR pistol loaded with Winchester ammunition with the classic H headstamp.

They are inside a car when someone killed them almost instantly.

The bullets of the cartridges fired, recovered from the dead bodies, are all copper coated RN manufactured by Winchester.

A firearm examiner told me that there is something wrong because for him the only Winchester manufactured ammunition with copper coated bullet in that era was loaded on “Super X” headstamped brass.

I am a bit skeptical about his statement because lot of firearm examiners saw the bullets and spent cases and for them the ammunition were loaded on Winchester “Super Speed” ammunition that had a H as a headstamp.(…as they wrote…)

I know that this forum is an incredible source of informations from people whose experience and knowledge about cartridges are immense so my post.

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P.S.: the cases are brass cases and they haven’t any cannelure.

Andrea–Thank you for the expanded information. With that I can now give you a much fuller answer. Just as a note, we on this Forum are very glad to help in any way we can. But, since we are a very detailed group, we need ALL the details you can provide if you want a knowledgeable answer. For instance, in this case, knowing if the case was brass or copper is critical in dating it. Copper cases were only used up to 1942 and after WW-II only brass cases were used. Some loads were made in brass prior to WW-II, but NO US .22 Long Rifle were made using copper cases after WW-II.

Now back to your case. I assume you are working a Cold Case File. First of all, the examiner who said “the only Winchester manufactured ammunition with copper coated bullet in that era was loaded on “Super X” headstamped brass.” was incorrect. The “Super-X” headstamp was used on Western brand not Winchester.
However, Winchester and Westen are both the same company, just different divisions of Olin Corp. The name of the company in 1968 was "Winchester-Western Division, Olin Mathieson Chemical Coropration. But the products were boxed and sold under the seperate brands of “Western” using the “Super-X” headstamp and Winchester Super-Speed using the “H” headstamp. Other than the box and the headstamp, the cartridges were identical for both brands and were made in the same factory on the same machines.

If you are looking for a box of this 1968 ammunition, the box style used from 1962-1971 is yellow with a big red “W” behind the words “SUPER SPEED”. On the left end of the top are printed verticaly the words “WARNING Keep Out of Reach of Children” The Load Index code is “SS22LR”.

However, this same cartridge was made fro 1945 until about 1990, only the boxes are different.

If you need more detail or other information, don’t hesitate to ask.

Dear Ron,

thank you very much for the kind and useful replies…

…I would like to add only another question…I guess that Winchester manufactured 22LR Super Speed ammos loaded with round nose and hollow point bullets. Am I wrong?

…in the double homicide case I refer the ammunition used had copper coated round nose bullets.

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Andrea–Yes, both solid (round nose) and hollow point bullets were available with the copper coating.