A rare argentine dummy 7.65 x 54

Instead of the primer the cartridge has got a little hole. Also it is unheadstamped.
It has got a bullet type S magnetic. I think it was wrongly made.


It looks like there was a headstamp earlier in its life.

Sergio, this is a refurbished dummy made from a standard issue dummy that has reached an unusable condition -like having a very deteriorated or missing primer cup-, where the base and primer cup was filled with solder (an example in “new” condition does not have any cavity at all). I have seen this work done in cartridges headstamped 19 F. y A. 02 D. M. and 19 F y A 11 D M, both with cu-ni clad steel S profile bullets. Other examples have headstamps impossible to decipher.



Thanks Fede, very good information as always gives us

jonnyc, you’re right, a star or something and seen a letter F

Good ítem my friend!!!