A rare one

This is the “canon of 7” De Reffye
It is a two parts shell : case on one side, ball on the other
(Thanks to Alex (EOD))


Can’t make out the dimensions too well. Is that an 85mm round? Also, do you have any idea what the “J” shaped ports (or whatever they are) are for on the base of the cartridge case?


For the case
Eimp diameter 98 mm
base and head diameter 92 mm
length : 280 mm
There is a small hole in the primer (it is not a regular primer) (the fire is coming from outside)
the case is coiled brass with paper
Powder weight : 1.2 kg

For the shell
length 235 mm (you have to add a length of for the fuze
diameter 84 mm (88 mm with the lead parts)
weight 7 kg
velocity 400m/s

The J are because there is a depression


Thank you for the information. That’s an interesting primer…


Has anyboby such a case in his collection ??