A REALLY big bullet


This is a page from Willis J. Abbot’s 1918 edition of “The Nations at War”. The bottom photo says: “This 16 inch shell weighs 2,400 pounds. It can pierce the thickest armor plate used by any navy, and has a range of 21 miles.” The writing on the shell is “Armor Piercing Shot for 16 inch Rifle. Weight 2,400 pounds”. I think some of you will not sleep tonight trying to figure out how to get one of these.


Here is a Project Gutenberg link to Willis J. Abbot’s free downloadable books, mostly about the Navy, scroll down to his name, and, Voila!!!


Actually, quite a few IAA members/forum posters already own 16" projectiles. Not necessarily identical to the one in the photo, but the WW2 USN versions… There was a great article in the Journal about how to get one of the into [not out of!] your basement.


OK, but do any members own ammo in this picture?


I recall a night when we shot 18 AP rounds at Iraqi concrete bunkers. They were 2700 pounders with 660 pounds of propellant. They were designed to penetrate 33 feet of reinforced concrete at a range of about 10 miles. On our world cruise we hit some ROUGH seas between Hobart and Fremantle. A latch gave way and one of the APs fell over and was rolling around. It was a chore getting it upright and back in place!


I am standing between two big bullets caliber 38 cm
This pict is made in Norway (Kristiansand)
armour-piercing shell weight 800 kg
high explosive shell 800 kg
siegfried shell 500 kg

the range for the 800 kg shell 43000 m
and the 500 kg shell 55000 m


Jep a Really big bullet :)


Dutch, yolur’s is the 800 mm for the DORA railway gun.


Harrie, what’s that large caliber item in the middle? ;)


US 36 inches “Little David” … someone bid more <-)




Some examples at the IWM.




Nice German 28cm.