A request for ID and contact info

I have so far received 4 requests to ID an individual in one of the pictures on my SLICS posting. For to acquire some of his pictured items. If you, the picturee, are reading this, please send me your contact info. Your grenades collection has excited a few collectors in search of some of your display items. I advised them you had told me they were for show, but would try and locate you for potential trade/sale. OR, if anybody out there can let me know who he is with contact info, I will forward him the requests of those in need.


This guy–sat next to me for SLICS!–doesn’t have a computer. You can email him through his friend John Scott. At least that is what he told Bill Woodin. Great guy with an amazing knowledge of pistol/revolver cartridges.


Thanks Taber.


I put his name in the title, but it didn’t show up on the post:

William A. “Bill” Hartlein from Jefferson Hills, PA